Eating Clean

What Does “Eat Clean” Mean?

ovarian fibroidsClean eating is all about reducing the footprint of man-made substances in your diet. Eating organic foods definitely helps. But can you sustain that all the time?

The reasons you would want to eat clean are many, but the most important reason is to improve your own health by doing so. Particularly if you suffer from fibroids or fibroid pain.

Isn’t That What Eating Organic Is All About?

uterine fibroid embolizationActually, there is a difference between eating clean and eating organic. Eating organic foods is a subset of eating clean foods.

You will not always be in the position to choose between eating an organically-grown piece of fruit (free of all pesticides) and one that may have come in contact with chemical substances while it was grown.

Organic foods are always to be preferred. But a thoroughly washed (and possibly peeled) fruit or vegetable that has been exposed to chemicals is going to be a lot more nutritious eaten raw or lightly cooked than the same food after it has gone through a processing line.

Processed Foods

fibroid embolizationFor example, take a jar of peaches floating in syrup. Those are probably not organically grown peaches in that jar.

Even though they are peeled, you would be better off eating the peeled fruit just after it has been taken from the tree. Or as soon after as possible.

The syrup they float in is full of preservatives and is obviously high in sugar content – perfect for adding a large number of calories (and carbs) to your meal.

Not to mention the damage sugar does to your teeth.

You know what happens when you eat an excessive amount of sugar right? Yep, it is converted into fat. And sugar actually does a lot more harm in the long run than simply make you fat.

The “Clean” In Eating Clean

fibroids pregnancy

The point we are trying to make here is that avoiding processed foods should be your goal when eating clean.

You should also try to avoid any added chemicals in whatever form they might come in. There are “degrees” of cleanliness when it comes to choosing our clean foods.

Obviously organically grown foods that are never processed or excessively packaged for distribution before they are eaten are probably the cleanest foods.

But other fresh fruits and vegetables can still be considered. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly as the outsides have usually come in contact with pesticides or other chemicals.

You might be surpised at the amount of toxins that can enter you food through packaging. So overly packaged products should be avoided.

Where To Avoid When Shopping

myomectomyYou can find the clean foods on the inside walls of your supermarket. This is where you find produce and meats that have a limited shelf life.

Whenever you can manage it, avoid using the inner aisles of the grocery store.

This is where you will find aisle after aisle of processed foods that have a very long shelf life because they have had the “living components” extinguished before being packaged.

Usually this means all the valuable enzymatic components of the food have been destroyed.

These are components that carry much of the nutrition that could have benefited your body, but now have been removed.

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Toxicity In Unclean Foods

fibroid cystA under-appreciated fact about processed foods is that the chemicals they carry slowly poison your body. In response to this, the body tries to seal off the “pollutants” by wrapping them in protective fat.

The body tries to insulate the critical organs from the effects of these chemicals. The end result is pounds and pounds of extra fat over time.

Not only that, but the more polluted fat you carry, the harder it is to shed. That’s because doing so would mean flooding your body with the toxins that have been stored away for protection.

So before you can lose a lot of your fat reserves, particularly if you make a habit of eating processed foods, you will need to detoxify your body by eating clean for a length of time.

How Does This Relate To Fibroids?

fibroids pregnancyIf you read our article about what causes fibroids, then you know how their formation is stimulated by poor diet choices.

Of course this is only one of the six causes mentioned. However, if there is any one thing that triggers others, what you eat is it.

As the old saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out.” What you eat (and how clean it is) really makes a huge difference in many aspects of life.

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